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YIDUCITY is the first Smart Sharing City O2O digital based in which its e-citizens can live a new O2O lifestyle dimension, globally and without barriers. A real life in a digital based real world with which do anything they like in 1-Click! Get your [email protected] to start!

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Yiducity is the first Smart Sharing City that allows its citizens a new O2O lifestyle dimension without barriers for their shopping experiences, business & jobs career, lifestyle & travel experiences.

Beyond the present, a new generation of interaction thanks its advanced geolocalized Artificial Intelligence engine in natural language in 60 languages, for an automatic and geolocalized immersive environment of experiences and opportunities both offline and online (O2O), multi channels, shops, contents and integrated functions, always in 1-Click Buying

With [email protected], any e-Citizens have direct access to the different Global Free Trade zones (GFTZ) around the world and can start without barriers their experiences among the different countries in Cross-Border and O2O.

As Yiducity e-Citizen you can have direct access in a different manner to exclusive products, services, opportunities selected by Yiducity and guaranteed by Qiao Tag.

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In Yiducity you can interact in natural language, voice and images about your needs and desires, Aladdin AI does everything else!

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No more discounts in Yiducity! With our exclusive GET YOUR PRICE, you can decide the price for products you like and desires in 1-Click

All is Authenticated & in live tracking

In Yiducity all is authenticated by Qiao Tag: Products, Brand, Events, Locations and even interactions with local consumers offline in real time

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It's never been so easy reorder from different shops with YD CART! In 1-Click and 1-Payment you can reorder your favorite products from different shops online/offline

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Interactive Flyers O2O, Special Missions with Gold Coins rewards, Focus Groups, Job/Business Matchmaking, Mystery shopper, secret doors around the world with YD Fly ...


YIDUCITY is the first Smart Sharing City O2O that combining Semantic and AI approach with Geolocalization and own Digital Global Free Trade Zone Network (GFTZ), the revolutionary Aladdin Interface with live Voice, Chat and Image recognition interaction

A Division of Shanghai Yiduqiao (Qiao Lab Group), since 2011 a Cross-Border distributor based in China in partnerships with major digital retailers and shops chains in China, Asia, Europe, USA, Middle East and South America.

[email protected] is an innovative international O2O platform(On-line - Offline) extending the Free Trade Zones action and potential through the digital leverage.

  • An authentication and live tracking system that allows to provide consumers with the best guarantee transparency, geolocalized information both in the language of your consumers and direct interaction in order to trigger actions and initiatives in real-time, anywhere worldwide
  • A tool that enables companies to be able to consolidate the presence of their brands in different markets, integrating their activities of Trading, Marketing, Communication, Business and Social Commerce.
  • An innovative Smart Sharing City in which the entire wholesale and selling process is digitized, thereby allowing a costs reduction and an economy of scale, promoting and real-time monitoring trade results.
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